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Series sae 4" butterfly valves model SAE40

Series sae 4" butterfly valves model SAE40
Part Number SAE-40 - 4 " hydraulic valve
Dwyer Instruments, W E Anderson Divsn. Series SAE Butterfly Valve
List $196.00 - selling way below distributor cost
more information available by viewing catalog at:
http:// /downloads/DwyerSAEvalves.pdf
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W.E. Anderson Series SAE Butterfly Valves are designed to meet the demanding needs of the fluid control industry. Unique features include a Buna-N O-ring flange face seal complying with S.A.E. J518 dimensional requirements. This design greatly reduces hydraulic fluid connection leaks often associated with tapered thread and gasket type seals. The compact envelope dimensions reduce space limitations. The unit allows for blind adjustments, incorporating open/close detent position locks which can be infinitely positioned to achieve a required flow rate.
End Connection: O-ring flange face seal (S.A.E. J518).
Body Shell: 500 psi (34.5 bar).
Shut-Off: 25 psi bubble tight (1.72 bar).
Temperature Limits: 180°F (82.2°C) with Buna-N
(Series sae 4" butterfly valves model SAE40 is the responsibility of Bradley Potts)
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