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Permco dump truck hydraulic pump / valve (air shift)

Permco dump truck hydraulic pump / valve (air shift)
Permco DMD-400-20-XL-200-AS hydraulic dump truck pump/valve with air shift - NEW (For light & medium duty dump trucks and trailers)
This part has never been used. Rust on this unit is surface only and due to storage.
The DMD400 Dump Pump is built upon the proven P3000 series gear pump. Its rugged three piece cast iron, needle roller bearing design provides long lasting service even in the roughest of dump applications. The direct acting, adjustable relief valve provides protection to both the pump and the cylinder while the unit is in operation. With the valve spool in the neutral position and the dump body raised, the relief valve also provides protection for the cylinder in the event sudden shock loads are incurred.
· Mounting configuration - Direct mount SAE "B" 4 bolt
· 100% factory tested when manufactured
· 1 1/4" NPT inlet port, 3/4" NPT pressure port, and 3/4" NPT return port for three line applications
· Neutral lockout device preventing accidental lowering of the dump body
· Lubricated detent mechanism incorporated within the valve body assuring smooth and reliable shifting of the spool
· Low weight: 36 Ibs. for unit with remote mount configuration
· Spring loaded cylinder check to minimize the risk of operation of the cylinder in the event the PTO is engaged while the vehicle is in motion
· Pressure balanced wear plates maintain high pump efficiency throughout all operating ranges
· Direct mount: SAE "B" 4 bolt direct mount shaft end cover with "SAE "B" 13 T 7/8" splined" shaft standard. Other options available upon request from manufacturer.
- label on air shift box: model 400AS, serial# 0501G
- 5" dia. bolt circle for mounting (9/16" dia. holes)
- 4" dia. x 3/8" mounting pilot
- without sleave, left side mount
- 2000 PSI relief valve setting
- full manufacturer warranty from Lifco Hydraulics (offices in USA and Canada)
Brochure with dimensions and spec’s: http:// /login48/aspupload/Uploads/public/DMR400_AND_DMD400_BROCHURE.PDF
Web Page http:// /asp/products/dump_pump.asp
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Permco dump truck hydraulic pump / valve (air shift) Permco dump truck hydraulic pump / valve (air shift)