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Ni io system er-16 and pci-6503 package with cable

Ni io system er-16 and pci-6503 package with cable
National Instruments I/O System
NI ER-16 Channel Electromechanical Relay
Arc-suppressor pads for inductive loads
Electromechanical relay accessory with 8 or 16 independent relays
Simple field connections with screw terminals
Connections for external power supply
Expandable to 32 relays via daisy chaining with a single data acquisition device
The ER-16 is a general-purpose, electromechanical relay accessory from National Instruments with 16 independent single-pole double-throw (SPDT), also called Form C, nonlatching relays. The relays can switch up to 3 A at 30 VDC or 250 Vrms. Each relay has a Normally Closed (NC), Normally Open (NO), and Common (COM) terminal.
You can use the ER-8/16 with National Instruments 6503 (DIO-24), 6533 (DIO-32HS), or 6508 (DIO-96) boards using a single cable. By using the SC-205x Series cable adapters, you can use the ER-16 with other National Instruments multifunction boards with digital outputs. A plastic box casing protects the user from exposure to potential electrical hazards.
http:// /images/NI.PCI-6503-data.pdf
NI 180524-10 50 Position Ribbon I/O Cable Type NB1
The PCI-6503 is a PCI plug-in board. The PCI-6503, as well as other NI 6503 products, uses a 24-bit programmable peripheral interface (PPI) to achieve 24 channels of digital I/O. In addition, each is Plug and Play compatible and does not require a separate card manager for configuration. Each interface works with a variety of operating systems, so you can develop applications that work across multiple platforms.
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