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Black stretch film - 18" extra-heavy duty stretch wrap

Black stretch film - 18" extra-heavy duty stretch wrap
CLING-Tite is making a lot of noise with regard to the highest load holding force, most puncture resistant hand film that is available in the marketplace today.
CLING-Tite is manufactured using the blown extrusion process. This results in orienting the film to ensure strength in both the roll direction, as well as across the web. Our proprietary manufacturing process also creates tougher film at thinner gauges.
CLING-Tite limited neckdown allows you to use narrower web widths. This combination results in unrivaled containment, while reducing per unit cost. With this level of performance, we're confident that the noise we make is more than worthwhile. CLING-Tite - hear the strength!
CLING-Tite is the choice for wrapping hard to hold "C" loads, or to provide enhanced protection for regular loads.
CLING-Tite hand film offers unrivaled load-holding force and puncture resistance.
A premium grade, blown film that provides the extra toughness, strength and tear resistance that challenging loads require.
CLING-Tite manufacturing process results in tougher film at thinner gauges with less neckdown.
PH: (***) 242 6995 FAX: (***) 242 6985.
(Black stretch film - 18" extra-heavy duty stretch wrap is the responsibility of Frankie Briggs)
Contact: fbriggs@cedar--rapids.com (Frankie Briggs) (actual email hidden)
Contact fbriggs@cedar--rapids.com (Frankie Briggs) for more information.

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Black stretch film - 18