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Tired of e-Bay's greed? Want to deal locally, but sick of Craigs' list B/S artists? Alright then, you are in the right place here at www.cedar--rapids.com. This is a STRICTLY MODERATED for sale list. All messages are viewed by our moderators (please send them a note of THANKS).

Privacy: We will give you a temporary email address that matches your name (to cut down on misbehaviour we ask for your real name as a reputational token). We do not collect any information from Web visitors. Posters give us limited intellectual rights to post their ads. Though ads are rarely removed, we can stop email forwarding if you sold your item.

To submit your ad, email it to moderators and we will try to get it approved within 2 business days. Do not forget to attach pictures.

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No ads are accepted for fireams, locksmithing equiptment, websites and domains, and children's goods due to recall liability. All ads are the responsibility of the posters.